UC Davis Foundation Plant Services

I am looking for information regarding using Foundation Plant Services, University of California, Davis for a source of rootstocks and in obtaining some virus indexed breeding stock. Does any one have any personal (or near personal) experience using them? They have a few harder to find varieties that I have been looking for to use and I am tempted to use them but I am a little bit hesitant as I don’t know what to expect. Thanks in advance.

I haven’t used them yet, but Vintage has for many years and I’ve heard of quite a few others who have. No one has complained about them, FWIW.

I haven’t used them yet either, but have been in contact with them over the years for some of our virus research.

Here is the link to their general site for roses and there is a link from this page to a list of all the cultivars they have in the collection that are available.