Two new roses adding to my gene pool

Just ordered two more new roses from ARE. I had been searching around for Midnight Blue without any success locally. Today I got an email from ARE about some of their new roses and one was Twilight Princess whose parentage is Midnight Blue x Lavender Crush. EUREKA! And, to round it out Southern Sweet Tea which looks a bit like Pinkerbell which I have also wanted but couldn’t find locally. The parents of Southern Sweet Tea are La Vesevue x Soul Sister. Put my order in quick because supply is limited. Arriving this week!!!

Spoke with my local Nursery last week about particular roses I was looking for. The owner told me he didn’t know if he would have roses this year because he had ordered $10,000 of roses from Star and they canceled his order because they did not have enough roses to fill all their orders.

Joan Richardson
Central Texas

Congratulations! I dream of ‘Canarybird’ seeds. They would be fine for breeding. Ugh none found in Canada that are correctly labeled.

ARE’s description for Twilight Princess “…but it does require a bit of extra care” seems rather cryptic.

I’ve considered soul sister and midnight blue, so I’ll be curious to see how their offspring do for you!

Hi Joan,
I have just read your post and went to HMF to look up your 2 new roses, unless I did something wrong, they are not listed, any help would be appreciated, they sound wonderful.
Regards David.

I did not find them listed on Help Me Find as yet. They are among the new roses developed by ARE and new to the market this year. They also have a nice new yellow named Grandbaby and also a new new one named for the late Ray Ponton.

Joan Richardson
Central Texas

Thanks Joan.

That’s too bad. I’m sorry Ray passed. He was a nice man from the limited interaction I had with him.

I added about 10 HT’s to my collection this year. I have enough genetics for infinite amount of shrubs and floribundas for several decades.

So the gardens need some big blooms to dazzle me with to keep the chickens company LOL!

Mostly orange, apricot, and yellow. May as well start back on creating an acceptable deep yellow HT. I was almost there and got sidetracked on shrubs for a decade :]

I still have that beast. I did do a few crosses with it, but unfortunately crosses with ‘Gold Struck’ produced cream roses. It is difficult to get any saturation from using ‘Gold Struck’, which is too bad because it likely carries bs race resistance to some degree. Saturated yellow HTs tend to be so problematic. Narrow petals, thin wood, black spot, poor UV degradation, uneven tonality, very tall or very weak plants, and low petal count tend to be common, seemingly dominant issues. Getting over any of these hurdles tends to bring about remaining challenges, with very few options for breeding, since many of them are poor seed germinations.