So I was washing my hair in the kitchen sink to get ready to out on a Friday night and see a movie, etc. I was daydreaming before said event as I peered out the window to look at the garden. There was a squirrel playing. I smirked… and then went on with my business of washing my hair. After I was done I looked again. This squirrel had it’s mouthful of something and was chewing. I wastched curiously but he noticed me watching him. So I went about my business of towel drying my hair. The squirrel then proceded along the fence line to another area of the garden with climbers. He reached over and plucked a whole mass of flowers buds AND STUFFED THEM IN HIS MOUTH!!! Now I love nature, but this little (beep) was eating all of my breeding stock haha. Sigh. Of course I wont do anything about it. I like nature in my yard. But the little turd could like… not eat my breeding stock =(

Oh! I’ts tuff! I,too, have had the same problem. Maybe we can have Peter have a symposiun topic on the difficulties that hybridizers face when making crosses out in the wild!!! It might be interesting for others to “vent their frustration”. Since that happened, all the crosses I have made have been in the greenhouse. BTW, were you able to capture that beast and wring its neck?

nah lol. I woudnt hurt nature but that doesnt stop me from complaining :slight_smile: It would be cool to see something like, “The Trials of Hybridizing,” with humorous scenarios of wild critters (or other things) impeeding breakthroughs in hybriding plants lol.


Oh, I’d poison the little vermin. That’s what I did and do with the rats digging up and eating the rose seed out of my flats.

Finding the little carcasses a proper burial area gives me a feeling of accomplishment

Vermin (this year birds were at it too) usually prey on those seed, or destroy seedlings, of only the most exotic nature.

I’m sorry to say I was slow to take action intitially and it did cost me dearly a few times.

Act now or pay later and I sure wouldn’t feed them anything that wasn’t toxic. They proliferate.

The %^$#@! deer decimated the first flush of most of my parent plants this year. Four days ago, I chased one out of the garden and into the woods, yelling and waving my hands. I must have looked like a madman. I hope I gave it a heart attack.

It isn’t legal to poison them. Maybe I could find a deer hunter to come during deer season, Aug 12-Sep 24 this year.

Some of my parent plants are in 5 gallon pots, and I moved them into the greenhouse. I’m also doing a lot of crosses with plants that I hadn’t planned to use this year.