Tools to Remove Old Spinos

Not the fun part.

Changing out some old spinos, and find shovels and axes won’t do anymore in garden where one risks getting “prickled” for every movement.

I find for my advanced years, and for the roots / crowns’ size and depth developed … only a P&C Tiger saw and crowbars/ blocks (less so) work well as in fast ( with low energy expenditure). Have to be willing to sacrificial blades.

Acquaintance uses an F350 and slings.

Removed roses look small(few canes), because l have hard pruned them for years. Probably contributed to rampant runners in garden (sealed their fate) beside nature of variety.

A&B and my hybrids allocated the premium space for testing (all day sun - south) for testing.


Ouch! I like your friend’s method!

l would agree, his firm is a renovation contractor, and his method is one of applied, and finessed, brute horsepower from available capital assets.

Makes it look quick and easy … but still used a shovel to get the sling angle down to root ball. l used a 12 inch sacrificial blade to minimize shovelling … but then l am a retired technical :slight_smile:

… healthy competition between money, brawn, two brains and electrical vs internal combustion leveraged advantages vs the 17th centuary.