Today’s Breeders On Tomorrow’s Plants

Greenhouse Grower magazine tends to get to me a week before they update the website with the current content. This finally got posted today.

Features some thoughts from Joseph Tychonievich, who we haven’t heard from on this forum in quite a while.

Some words I enjoyed particularly:

“We are living in an absolutely incredible time to be a plant breeder. Recent advancements in science and technology are opening an entirely new direction and present fascinating new opportunities for hybridizers. These include new species recently being discovered, mutagenic plant breeding, new classifications of plants based on scientific studies and new tools not available previously. The internet has turned the world into a very small place.”

Hans Hansen
Director of New Plant Development
Walters Gardens Inc.

“Compact, manageable woody plants that keep blooming all season would create a great demand …”

Yasuko Isobe
Plant Breeder
Suntory Flowers Limited

Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading this article.