To people I am sending R. clinophylla to

The seedling R. clinophylla I promised to people have been sent out. Henry, I haven’t sent yours because I cannot find a mailing address for you.


Paul, there must be more than one Henry as I did not request any.


On March 20th 2004 you wrote in this forum: "Paul put me down on the “no priority” backup list. I would probably have to keep it in a pot and move it into the garage each winter. My main interest is to use it a source of “new” diplod genes in general; not to breed heat tolerant roses - thus others should probably have a higher priority position.

Thank you for the offer."

If you no longer want it, thats not a problem. I’ll give it to someone who does.



I just came back in as while working outside I thought “woops” maybe he was not refering to his latest offer (Tues. September 21).

Sorry for the mix up. I will send you my post office address by e-mail.

Paul, I thought it was determined that these probably were not r. clinophylla. Did I miss a post?

The plant arrived in good shape. Thank you, Paul.

Mine arrived today too. Thanks!


Viru confirmed the seedlings are indeed R. clinophylla. There was some discussion about these being otherwise, but we can be fairly sure that they are clinophylla.


(You’re welcome)

Great! Thanks again.