Three months old (multiflora nana X wichuraiana) flowering.

I made this cross in the hope of eventually obtaining a repeat flowering plant with the disease resistance and ease of rooting of R. wichuraiana, and I have been uncertain as to whether this seedling was a self or a hybrid for some time.


I doubt that it is a self. Also, look at Starry Night. Not my favorite since it defoliates from BS here (nice landscape “perk” lol) but it may provide more answers/questions for you with its parentage.


I wouldn’t use your seedling’s repeat-bloom as a reason to rule out wichuraiana as its parent. There is so much more to the story than the old notion of recessiveness of repeat bloom.

As for the sheen, I have five seedlings of moschata X wichuraiana. Three have matte leaves, two are noticeably glossier. I can’t remember, if they’re as glossy as wichuraiana though.

I look forward to seeing how your seedling matures and what its offspring look like.


I would second Tom’s comments that repeat flowering doesn’t always follow simple recessive patterns. I have a seedling of Rosa palustris (once flowering) x Apart (a rugosa) which flowered its second year and has bloomed repeatedly all summer every year since. Like one of my professors likes to say – plants can’t read, so they don’t always know what they’re ‘supposed’ to do!


Hi all,

Just added some photographs of the seedling in flower.


Oh how cute. You can easily see the R. wich influence in the bloom shape and posture.