Thornless roses

Within my breeding programe I do have a line of thornless roses . I can not multiply them by propagation , this is a shame as they are of excellent quality , shape and form .

PS. They are of the Patio or Sweet Heart size . do you have any ideas . Bill

I take it you are looking for ways to propagate these varieties? Have you given anyone else samples to try to root? Perhaps someone else with different methods and materials will help you determine how difficult they are to propagate.

That being said, I tend to discard seedlings that are difficult to root, on the assumption that any nursery that may have an interest in the variety will require that it is easy to grow and propagate. We have far too many roses that are hard to grow from cuttings as it is.

If you really want to multiply these varieties, would you consider bud grafting them?



Bill, if you want own root roses, you may want to try rooter pots. I have a rose that is very difficult to root by cuttings, but have had good success using these pots.

Type in “rooter pots” at Here is the place I got them:

I’m not writing to give suggestions on easier rooting, but rather to ask what you’re using in your breeding program and if you’re working on developing hardy thornless roses. Back in the late 30s/early 40s N.E. Hansen was developing thornless roses for the midwest, so since he’s my “quest” I was interested.