this years hybreds

just wanted to share the hybrids that geminated this year for me.

Kiftsgate Violett x Ghislaine de Feligonde 7

Kiftsgate Violett x Mozart 4

Mozart x Rosa arvenis 2

Mozart x Westerland

Pauls Himalayan Musk x Pat Austin

Pauls Himalayan Musk x Westerland

Rosa arvenis x Mozart 2

R.pimx4-08 x Rosa moyesii

R.pimx4-08 x Red Nelly

Rosa roxburghii normalis x pollen mix(R.moyesii/R.hugonis)

Red Nelly x Rosa pendulina 7

Westerland x Rosa arvenis 3

I am more than happy with this years yield.

Seems interesting! Thanks for sharing Werner!

Rosa roxburghii normalis x pollen mix(R.moyesii/R.hugonis) seems interesting! Would love to see how that turns out.

Forgot to mention that all of them come from embryo extraction.

Rosa roxburghii normalis x pollen mix(R.moyesii/R.hugonis) is a weak one, developed a single true leaf, droped the cotyledons and does not develope much further. Still hoping!

boy surgery on a seed!. i was told to try that on a clematis seed. did not try it yet. so far i have 18 seedlings all look healthy so far. i have some o.p. belle story

seedlings with interesting leaves with old rose look?. any way this has been a great winter for me!. we have had a warm day or two with more coming . i put my seeds on the porch (unheated)- in a plastic baggie and the temperature change really makes a difference . i also used mixed pollen and got more germination maybe?. its a little like cheating to me but i had only 2 germinations

last year. good luck everybody.