Therese Bugnet and Rugosa Scabrosa

1st - I picked some of my R. scabrosa blossoms to gather their pollen. I noticed that it appears that the blooms have no pistils!? Is this typical of scabrosa? Is it able to be used as a pollen parent?

2nd - I know that some have gotten Therese Bugnet to set hips and seed (Henry, I know for sure has a 2nd to 3rd generation descendent of Therese). How do you get this to happen? My Therese has never set any hips. Do you use rugosa or other hybrid roses as a pollen parent or do you use Therese Bugnet as the pollen parent?


Chris Mauchline

My Therese Bugnet did set some hips; not a lot. I no longer have it as it was a big bush and I needed the space. One of the granddaughters proved to be a very good parent either way so I use it. This granddaughter has never grown above about 2 - 3 feet tall.

My plant will set a few OP hips each year. It varies from year to year. Hip set has increased as the plant matured. BUT, at the same time I

the pistils on rugosas are almost always short. Rest assured, on the varieties mentioned, they are there. Scabarosa is an excellent seed mare. Therese Bugnet is not.

Rugosa Magnifica makes an excellent pollen parent.