The Wizard of OZ

Hello everyone,
This might get me into trouble from Warren, but what is new. I have on reliable information that Warren is going to have some of the roses he has bred released here in Australia.
Congratulations mate.

Well, just from looking at his posts, I am not too surprised to hear that he has some that are worthy of introduction at this point! Congratulations, Warren!

Thank you Dave
Thank you Phil

What, when, who, where?

Any more details? Will it be this season or sometime in the future?

Plazbo, I think I know, but I reckon it is Warren’s call to answer this

Some bare root will be sent out this Autumn.

Bare root of which, and from where, and in which countries, which is to say can I pre-order in the USA?

Only in OZ Don

Hi Warren, can you place on the the forum, “yet” what they will be and are they to be sold to the general public ?

From my above post, I guess not.

Dave I was going to get back to you on this but I have been in hospital .
Here you are:

Dunn Deal (MILdeal)
Heart to Heart (MILeart)
Hollywood Dandy (MILwood)
Mister Frisky (MILfrisk)
Plaisir d’Amour (MILamour)
September Stars (MILstar)
Shock Wave (MILwave)
Spring Picnic (MILspring)
Whiz Bang (MILbang)
Hubba Dubba (MILhubba)
Princesse du Ballet (MILball)
Raspberry Rapper (MILberry)
Sweet as Honey (MILhoney)
High Roller (MILrol)
Shirley Jean (MILley)
Rhiannon (MILrhia)

Thanks Warren, we hope you are on the mend.