The Variation of Wendy X Altissimo Offspring

Wendy when crossed with Altissimo, which has a strong colour and throws a lot of single offspring, the results were varied and interesting. This is a collection of F1 Wendy X Altissimo offspring.

[attachment 794 003.jpg]

[attachment 795 001.jpg]

[attachment 796 CHARLOTTEGRAHAM.jpg]

Some more of Wendy X Altissimo

[attachment 797 MotherFreedom02.jpg]

[attachment 798 thomasgraham.jpg]

[attachment 799 SportofCharlotteGraham.jpg] this is the sport of Charlote Graham

Very nice! ‘Thomas Graham’ looks almost like an azalea. It’s so much fun to see all the different flower forms. Do you notice in your work that your parents seem to produce a distinct subset of forms repeatedly? I’ve noticed that at least one of mine does, and was wondering if it’s a common trait or just a limited supply of genes.

You’ve got some really lovely roses there!

Thanks Fara; With other cultivar parents there is usually a pattern which you can see, but with Wendy and its F1 and F2 crosses there is no set form or colour which you can say that will occur and foliage can be as diverse as well. Its breeding is a bit obscure, but it had its origin at the Lens Stable from White Dream which was known to sport like all “billy o”. That is one of the reasons I use it, and now I am finding its offspring sporting quite often. Its genetic must be like a big pot of vegtable soup simmering with segments rising to the surface and then you wonder what will pop up next.

Fara one thing for sure is, although colour, bloom form can differ greatly, its repeat and vigour in F1/ F2 offspring is unmatched from anything I have seen. Offspring in this thread and that of the Abraham Darby cross came out of one seed pod each.

Sporting often implies lineages of China, Polyantha, and/or Foetida lol. The three combined, like in something like Bridal Pink and its line, is pretty insane lol :smiley: