The Ralph Moore Tribute Issue

My American Rose just arrived and it’s the Ralph Moore Tribute issue and it’s a keeper. Too often, I don’t hang on to the monthly issues, but this one is full of good articles about Mr. Moore, his inspirations and creations. Jim Sproul’s article captures what Mr. Moore was doing with so many different lines of rose; I’ll bet it will be cited in papers in decades to come. All the articles are well worth reading and the best photos are on the inside.

The one photo that gets me is on page 30. How does such a small bloom (Anytime) make such a big hip?

If you’re not a member of ARS, search out a member and beg for their copy of the magazine for your own library, or order a copy from the ARS.

Thanks for the heads up Ann. I got to attend Mr Moore’s 100th. birthday celebration. It was quite a weekend.