The parents I'm using

I’m new to the forum and pleased that people are sharing parentage. Here’s what I have to share.

I’ve restarted my breeding program after a hiatus. Here is the new program in a nutshell: My breeding goal is to create a healthier version of tiny rose plants you buy in the supermarket in 3" pots. So I’m using females that are healthy small elite small shrubs such as Pretty Lady, Morning Has Broken, Knock Out (I know it’s not small) Fire Meidiland, Flower Carpet, Red Pixie, Rabble Rouser, and crossing it with elite red pot roses such as Charming Parade and Violet Hit and with Happy Trails, Little Bo Peep (Natchez) and Red Flower Carpet. I’m also using the few Pot Reds as females such as Violet Hit. Deviating from my goal, I’ve also made a few Black Magic x Happy Trails crosses. I just got Easy Cover (Also known as Sparkling Pink and I believe, Sausalito) and next year plan to try it as well as Lady Elsie May.

Any reactions to my program? Any parents among those I’m trying that you’ve worked with? Any other suggestions for parents to try given my goal?

Heyas! I wish you luck. Im my experience since Pretty Lady was introduced—really bad seed parent. She(he, it? lol)wont set for me. However its pollen was fertile on Easy Going this year. Rabble Rouser has gone both ways for me but inclusive results on germination. Flower Carpet seems healthier than Red Flower Carpet to me. You might be interested in Rose Gilardi as it is 1/4 kordesii and dwarf. Id say Scarlet Moss too but that one has some mean thorns on it and not very dwarf at all.

I got some tiny offspring from Black Jade self pollinated.