The new Star Roses and Plants wholesale catalog is online

I love looking through catalogs to see what new roses and other plants are coming out. The 2019 Star Roses and Plants wholesale catalog is already out and freely available online! We can find it at 2019 Star® Roses and Plants Catalog by Star® Roses and Plants - Issuu

Because of the format used, I was not able to do an automatic search to see if rose rosette virus is discussed. Also, I have not manually searched each page. If anyone finds a discussion of rose rosette virus, please post where it is.

Why in the world would they discuss RRD? That doesn’t sell roses. None are immune.

jbergeson, this is a wholesale catalog, if you were a retailer, wouldn’t you want to know what a company’s policy / guarantee is regarding this issue.

They are active in discussing rose rosette virus elsewhere.

Got, Henry. I forgot about the Weeks issue. Sorry.

I am a retailer.