The Leaves of Kordes

I’ve noticed that many of my newer Kordes cultivars share a similar and distinct leaf look. Makes me wonder if these share a common ancestor. Anyone else see this? Any guesses where that leaf shape and glossiness came from?

Pic from left to right: Wedding Bells, Plum Pudding, South Africa, and Lemon Fizz.

Hi Joe, I can tell straight away the seedlings of mine which have Kordes bloodlines, they do have a distinct look about them. By the way I have a lot of Metis and Nitida seedlings up, they decided to germinate when I was in Europe.

Yes I see this beginning with early kordesiis. More or less as some smaller ones are straight polyanthas. Just as if they were building up glossiness and hard foliage that mechanically resist. An horizontal resistance.

I am not so happy with the too stiff habit many Hts exhibit.

Joe… if you trace a lot of Kordes roses back you will find ‘The Fairy’ x wichurana (or the other way around… I can’t remember), featuring prominently. I have a strong feeling that these were the start of their current crop of more healthy roses. Their propensity to ramble also suggests this. Look at ‘Summer Memories’, ‘Peach Profusion’, and even ‘Winter Sun’, and you will see what I mean.

The scary part of that is The Fairy and Wichurana itself, are both highly susceptible to crown gall which is a huge problem here in the “Desert Southwest”.

I also think that when he bought together the Kordesii lines with the R. eglanteria hybrid lines in the 1960’s was a big jump as well.