The FPS Rose Encyclopedia is available!!

Foundation Plant Services at UC-Davis has made available a wonderful online resource for us. It lists all the roses they have in their clean plant program with information about the roses from Modern Roses 12 and also photos for most of them with more photos to come. Dr. Deborah Golino is the Director and her and her team have generously shared their photos for public use when appropriate credit is given. FPS works with virus testing, therapies to get clean stock, and making available clean stock for propagation of not only roses, but grapes, sweet potatoes, strawberries, and various fruit trees as well. Her and her team do an amazing job.

I was just at FPS for a meeting to continue the efforts to get roses into the National Clean Plant Network. The NCPN is funded by the Farm Bill and includes helping generate and make available virus indexed grapes, hops, sweet potatoes, citrus, various kinds of small and large fruits, and now also roses. The efforts that the NCPN funds are spread over all these crops and about 15 states. Having roses included in the NCPN will allow for added resources to test, do therapy treatments on virus infected varieties, and ultimately make clean stock available to nurseries and other interested propagators. I plan on putting an article together for RHA showcasing the step by step process for how roses eventually enter and move through the clean plant process and get into the FPS collection.

Thanks, David. It’s a nicely done site. But what are Rose Day Roses? I can’t find an explanation.

Hi Judith!

Each year rose nurseries kindly donate bareroot roses that are potted up and sold on Rose Day for a fundraiser. THere were many wonderful roses from Conard Pyle, Weeks, etc. there on Thursday coming into flower when I was there. Hopefully all sold this past weekend.