The 3Year US arboretum Finland Applejacked Seedling Performance

The HMF story says it all under references.

Now sold as the Finn rose “Lumo” by “rosenposten”.

I conclude something morphed in seedling from the mother’s traits and brings hope to me and apparently the “Iceland experience” docs also. Helsinki area a bit warm.

The Minnesota Arboretum Seed found its way into Peter Joy hands, a Brit in Finland and associated with U of Helsinki and Finn funded rose programs.

First l tried 3 N/A Applejacks over the years in warm south garden - deceased. Gave up.

Saw Lumo in Nursery blurb, didn’t dig deep until later, and wham it landed back close to its beginning’s and Finn-Brit heritage, oh and US based on spouse’s tri-national certs.

First growing/ plant impression for first blooms after 3 winters in cold back yard. BINGO !!!

Winter hardy to almost extreme, individual leaf size has no comparison in my garden (v.large), appears to be floriferous (~8 so far as clusters, health high so far etc… Bloom wow factor … my jury of one still debating. Bloom in photo 3 days old missed opening collr - busy in garden but lots left to confirm not rogue plant.

No basal breaks - min branching - and bristles.

Happy trails again in the “hardy it must be world” …

… maybe … as the hardiness is a huge stepout from three gone Applejacks in south garden - Pickering and l assume MF rootstock - not that hardy in my garden.

Only misid candidate is a double R laxa flowered rootstock (got this laxa rose on the brain during this year’s program). Using for first time as blooming well and might be a tetraploid, diploid still only green.

So far Lumo crossed with JCabot.


From Jukka provided link in HMF comments, goggle translated … no idea who author is but reads pretty general in english and classifies as alba based on leaf color reminding author of albas. To me they are v. large dark green “matte leaves’ with texture like well oiled saddle leather.

Alba, doubt it (what a surprise in my Id world) and be first tall hardy one in my garden … blush hip only lives because it crawls well when not supported. Suaveolens (sic) blooms sometimes, pom pom parfait occasionally, Sappho once in awhile and the maiden blushes not seen in years … alba semi plena same story - occasional blooms on lower old cane stubbs (12”).

Might of crossed with alba in Minnesota need to find whats within 50 - 100 feet of bushes centroid a way back in time. Good luck on that.

Swedish name

Rosaceae (rose plants)

Maiden rose (Rosa Alba) ‘Lumo’ can form a two-meter bush in southern Finland, whose large blue-green, matte leaves remind me of maiden roses (Alba group). The stems are red-brown, rather sparsely thorny. The large, flat, slightly multiple, mildly fragrant flowers are soft pink. The flowers are very resistant to rain. Flowering starts in southern Finland at the end of June and lasts about three weeks. Flowering does not repeat in late summer. The pale pink flowers and blue-green foliage complement each other beautifully and the maiden rose-like impression is obvious. In the fall, the foliage turns yellow, and the bush produces a few red spikelets. In general, ‘Lumo’ survives in the southern part of the country without significant winter damage. In Oulu, the stems may be partially frosted, but the bush recovers well from damage and usually blooms in the same summer.

Joy, Kahila & Kangaspunta, 2008

1.6-2 m

Pink, semi-double, mildly scented flowers

Flowering begins in southern Finland at the end of June and lasts for about three weeks

Fall color
In autumn the foliage becomes yellow in color

Shrub produces a few red spikes

Foliage greyish green ( l only see dark green and v large leaves)

Special feature
Flowers withstand rain well

Success zone

Growing medium
For a deep loamy, fresh, nutrient-rich place to grow

Growing requirements
‘Lumo’ needs deep loamy, nutrient-rich soil with enough water even during dry periods. The rose will be satisfied with less, but then the bush will not develop as lush and the flowering will not be as handsome as in optimal growing conditions. The minimum distance between bushes is recommended in groups of approx1,5 m. In the spring, frosted and dried shoot tips or stems are removed.

The tall and handsome ‘Lumo’ works perfectly as a single bush, even as the centerpiece of the yard. In the park, the ‘Lumo’ planting can be between lower plants and, for example, conifers.

The bush is generally healthy. In some summers, vague symptoms of fungal disease may appear in a bush in a too cramped and windless growing area.

‘Lumo’ originates from the open pollination of the Applejack variety from 1993.

… My Cdn suaveolens today July 10, about 12” off ground ( old cane ) - leaves are large, matte and blooms in cluster similiar to lumo.
And 12 inch high hedge of it and alba semi-plena.

Maybe a story in this lumo never to be solved ( suaveolens is about 5-7 years old )



For fun,Finnisch rose “Savel” x rosa gallica “Splendens” hybrid.It is difficult to convey the color.It is the color of burgundy vine.


Congratulations that’s a beautiful color, and a very nice picture!:honeybee:


Thank you very much.

Interesting. I’ve never seen a single hip on ‘Sävel’. I have also tried pollinating it with pollen from various roses without success. In contrast, the ‘Sointu’ rose has sometimes made a couple of open-pollinated hips.


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Crosses to-date below with Lumo as seed parent. Deciding on Lumo pollen parent candidates in abeyance.

Single crosses so far.

Lumo x L83 (not for hardiness or bush form - color enhancement)

Lumo x JCabot (my go to from habit - semi hardy - but color and laxa way in the background - color and potential compatibility main reasons). And maybe repeat gene.

Lumo x Splendens (color enhancement)

Probably hit next bloom with Caroyal - color again. And stubborn Alika.

If Roseraie de L’Hay Rose and/or Hansa bloom in time they are also prime candidate

… gads my old self twists on hybridizing principle awkwardness with all this rugosa thinking by me about them as Lumo partners. Change as good as rest l guess.

Reluctant to go with semi hardy as feel like a backwards step messing up a good starting mother trait.

All predicated upon Lumo actually makes seed (from self or OP) … open to suggestions since its blooming was in part a surprise.

Yes,Rose “Savel” bears very little fruit.It is just a lotery.Pollination without high hopes.Many “Savel” polination wery unsuccessful.Regardless,I still make a few crosses every year.R.“Savel” is more suitable as a pollinator.Maybe it depends on the climate,but here “Rose de Rescht” very few fruits are produces.It almost does not happen.It is hardly suprissing that other partcipants use it for pollination.

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Thank you for the information and your persistence with Sävel rose. Maybe the climate, temperature, humidity, etc. can play a role, who knows? I think I’ll try Sävel rose pollination just for the sake of interest.


This “Savel” x “Splendens” hybrid does not bear fruit.They start,then fall,but in a few years they can mature one after the other.

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