Techniques for doubling chromosomes

I am interested in learning how to double chromosomes. I have a couple of roses in mind to try this on to try and improve fertility. Is this something you can do outside of a lab? Are there any natural ways to do this or does it have to be chemically induced?



I dunno – a lot of the processes scare me. I don’t want to have children with genetic defects because I played with chemicals. It can be even worse for women to touch some of them. Cholchine, a natural way to try, is potentially the worst to even mess with due this. So, please be aware of any potential current and future human risks involved.

The precautions of course should be taken while working with colchicine, but its cancerogenic and mutagenic effects for humans are largely exaggerated on agricultural forums. It is actually a drug prescribed for several diseases. For example see Wikipedia article on colchicine.

Mike unfortunately (since we live so close), I just gave away all of my chromosome doubling chemicals/ laboratory equipment about a month ago. I recommend Preem instead of



Mike, I just remembered, I have a number (around 4 or 6) of tissue culture type books in a cardboard box in the back of my SUV. They were destined for Goodwill all fall, but I just have not gotten around to getting there. Let me know if you want them.