Tea roses and hip formation

Quick question… Tea rose are reputed to be evergreen and flower all year round in warm climates… will they form hips all year round as well?

In mild moderate climates like those with coastal influence, I believe they do. Teas don’t like heat.

My Lorraine Lee do set hips at any time, but aborts with other pollen ( so far ).


Some Teas will look like they are forming hips but there are no seeds inside. None of my teas form hips by themselves. They need outside help and not all will set hips at all. A few are triploid like Lady Hillingdon and I have not been able to get hips to form on her even though HMF shows her to have been used as a seed parent. Her pollen is 40% fertile and can be used. It is mostly a trial and error situation with the Teas.


I’m not so much worried about Teas forming OP hips… but I have contacted DAFF (Australian quarantine) asking them the question whether someone from the U.S. can legally post me pollen. Being in opposite hemispheres I had the idea that maybe if I had something that flowered all year round I could pollinate something in the winter rather than freezing already ‘old’ pollen (by the time it arrives). So I guess my question was aiming at whether Tea flowers that form during the winter would, if pollinated, develop into hips that would mature over the winter or if the flowers had reduced fertility during the colder months so I could take advantage of the northern hemisphere flowering period and essentially extend my own pollinating period (and source pollen from all those roses you guys talk about that we can’t get over here).

‘Lorraine Lee’ is pollen fertile. I only used it sparingly one season and got several things from it.

Here is one of them.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=78468&tab=1