Susan Louise o.p. seeds

Has anyone had experience growing out Susan Louise seeds?

This year I have at least twenty o.p. hips of Susan Louise that are approaching maturity (a few with exogenous seeds).

The hip shape is champagne flute shaped and the neighboring roses are mostly teas,noisettes,portlands and chinas.

After seeing no hips last year, I had decided to wait on putting R. laxa pollen and some assorted cold hardy rose pollen on this one.

My first question is: would a H. gigantea offspring expect or need cold stratification before the seeds sprout? Thoughts?


I’ve only gotten a few seeds from Susan Louise. Mine usually sets empty hips. I stratified the seeds just like my others, although I don’t know whether they really needed it. I would probably refrigerate them even if they didn’t need it so that they wouldn’t germinate before I’m ready for them. Good luck with your seeds!