Suntory's recent plant patent applications in the US

According to more recent apps, they’ve got tens of thousands of dollars protecting petunias, but none for roses. There is a gene application, that apparently has undergone many revisions (see the mention that sections 1-7 are removed). It has to do with getting colors into blooms.

I haven’t a clue if this is the rose method or not.


I believe we shouldn’t purposely breed roses with modified genes.

Not because of patent, copyright, or whatever infringement… but because it could jump back into nature and result serious repercussions.

We’ve all ought to have read or seen Jurassic Park by now.

Interesting quotes from the Suntory Risk management assessment:

“1.Testing by Suntory Ltd (Osaka, Japan) and Florigene has also shown that the GM line does not substantially differ from the non-GM parental line for any major physiological factor: vegetative propagation capacity under conditions in which stems are discarded, herbicide (glyphosate) tolerance, flowering time, pollen viability…”

"1.In situ hybridization experiments (method described in Aida et al. 1999) conducted at Nara Institute of Science & Technology (Nara, Japan) have shown that the GM line is an L1 periclinal chimera1 (expression is only in epidermal cells). This suggests that, since pollen is most likely derived from L2 lineage (but note there can be exceptions eg Marcotrigiano & Bernatzky 1995), the pollen should not contain the introduced genes. This was confirmed by controlled experiments conducted by Florigene using line WKS82/130-4-1 as the pollen donor in crosses with a Grandiflora cultivar, a Floribunda cultivar and the species rose R. multiflora. Any seeds that were produced were tested for the presence of the F3

Wow, thank you Simon. They cover some very interesting plant “chemistry”.

That Percy Schmeiser story is pretty sad and scary. I think it should be required to have a genetically altered plant be sterile. Just my opinion.

Of course, no matter what fancy science is used in its favour, in the final analysis, no one can guarantee that the GM-modifiction wont ever incorporate into other genomes. This I imagine is what worries a lot of people.