Sunny Knock Out seedling

This is the first bloom on ‘ILCSunny’ a ILC1-72-1 x Sunny Knock Out seedling. Nice semi-double yellow that I hope will increase in petal count in subsequent blooms. I’m looking for fertility, hardiness and health from this one.


Congratulations, Rob! I’m enjoying seeing what you’ve been able to coax from ILC X 1-72-1. Thank you!

I have been getting better results than I had hoped for Kim. I’ll be posting a picture of Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1 with a fully opened bloom later this morning. Very excited about this one. What I’m learning is that ILC1-72-1 has potential as a breeder.

Rob, well done again, keep them yellows coming, Regards David.

Thank you David.

Rob good looking little seedling , I love the leaf shape.


Thank you Warren. I like them as well. Hopefully they will remain healthy.