Sunburning blues...

Hi folks,

Last year I got a “Midnight Blue” because I am hopelessly attracted to anything blue or purple. I was glad to see that many of you are having luck making crosses with it. I was going to try it this year now that it’s established, but I also like it in the garden. Unfortunately it seems that as soon as the flowers bloom, no matter how much I water them, they burn up in our high-altitude sun. Can anyone think of a way around this? Or should I just plan on moving it to a shadier location?



Sounds like afternoon shade is your best bet. That’s the aspect I have it in here. It doesn’t get much warmer than my climate.

Ebb Tide is more heat resistant, but a more difficult parent due to the number of petals it has (like 100 per bloom lol).

I think Robert is right. I have it and it does just fine, but I have to admit it does get some shade.

Jim Sproul