Summer RHA Newsletter

This time I am going to get the jump on our Editor as he is always looking for folks to write! The symposium topic for the next issue is one that all of us probably have some thoughts about, which really makes it a lot easier to write. The topic is deciding which seedlings to keep. I know that most everyone that I have talked to has said that when they started hybridizing they kept everything, but as they got more seedlings and run out of space they start looking at which ones they want to keep. So when you decide which ones to toss, what criteria do you use? You have a couple of weeks to put fingers to keyboard and share your thoughts with us. I know Peter would be very happy if he is flooded with notes from you. I’m sure he will add more to this thread, but I just wanted to get you thinkin’. I look forward to reading how you tackle this step of the process.

I’d like to get busy on the Summer issue so that it can be on its way to you early in June.

The main symposium topic: Deciding Which Seedlings to Keep

If you took the not-so-subtle hint from John (above), you’ve already written something and all you have to do now is send it to me.

If you didn’t, well . . . but we don’t talk about that, do we?

Anyway, please send me your thoughts on this topic (or any other that pleases you).

As always, remember that it is your newsletter, so please share your ideas.

Something I’ve not banged heavily on in recent issues is the “Who We Are” feature. Send me a bit of biographical information about you and what you are interested in or attempting to do in hybridizing. It’s OK if you are not really sure and you’re trying to learn from others–and it’s OK to say that. We’ve been gaining some new members, and I’d love for them to share something about themselves. And if you’ve been a member for a long time and you still haven’t sent in a “Who We Are” bio . . . what are you waiting for? If you need help, we’ll send a reporter to interview you, but if you think you can do it yourself, go ahead and send me something.

And if you thought of a helpful hint after reading the last issue, send that along.


–Deciding Which Seedlings to Keep

–“Who We Are”

–Helpful hints/tricks of the trade

–And whatever else interests you



If you have written something for the summer issue of the Newsletter, please send it today.

If you have not written something for the summer issue of the Newsletter, please do–and send it today.

I would like for this issue to go to the printer on Monday, but the issue is several pages short.

In short, it’s short–

and I’d like to finish it shortly, so if you have something written, please send it.

Remember, this is your Newsletter.


The summer issue of the Newsletter has gone to press and should reach members by the end of next week. Save room in your mailbox.