Summer newsletter

The Summer newsletter was mailed out yesterday.

If you don’t receive your copy in the next few days, perhaps your membership has expired.

Renewal notices were sent out with newsletters but if you don’t receive your newsletter, and don’t know when your membership expires, drop us a line and we can check it out for you.

If you are a regular poster here on the RHA forum and you aren’t a member, you are missing out on a great hybridizing resource.

This was another exceptional issue with many thanks to our Editor, Peter Harris.


Received the Summer issue today. Another outstanding issue – had to read it all at one sitting, but will go back and read it again! Kudos to Peter Harris for his efforts which would be a lot easier if more members would contribute an article or something about what you are doing with your hybridizing. The symposium topics for the Fall issue are; Beginner’s Luck and Making the Most of Minis. If you can write on either or both of these – great. If not, Peter will accept most anything by the 15th of August.