Summer Newsletter Has Mailed

The Summer 2008 newsletter was delivered to the post office this morning. Thanks to the efforts of Peter and the writers who submitted articles, we were able to mail the newsletter prior to leaving for the Denver convention so you will be receiving this issue earlier than usual.

Hi Larry

Newsletter had already arrived today, so I don’t feel like I am an International member, as it came as fast as ever :slight_smile:

An electronic version will be fine with me, as long as it will be possible to print it out too.

Maybe it could be a good idea to offer two different international memberships, an electronic and an old fashion with printed newsletters!?

It could avoid the decreasing members, due too higher dues perhaps.

Well back too reading…



I got my Newsletter as well. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into making these issues possible.

I too would be satisfied with an electronic version of the newsletter in order to reduce costs. In fact I’d prefer getting my newsletter electronically.

I like both options. I prefer leisurely reading the printed copy while sitting in my recliner. The laptop works too, but is too hot this time of year!

Jim Sproul

I would like to remind everyone of the meeting in Denver next Saturday, 28 June. Jim Sproul will talk to us about his hybridizing program. If you have been watching the Forum as well as the Rosarian’s Corner, you can see that he has been quite busy with his hybridizing program.

The 3 previous posts refer to a thought in my Director’s message where I had asked for your thoughts regarding an electronic form of the newsletter. We will discuss this at Denver, so if you won’t be there please let us know your thoughts - post here so we can get your ideas beforehand. Whatever we decide, there will always be a paper copy. The advantage of the electronic version is that there can be more color.

John Moe