Summer Morning Blooms


Apricot Cream (Jelinek) Unregistered

Tournament of Roses X Lady Jane Grey

I woke up this morning to these midsummer blooms and wanted to share with others.

I’ve grown this cross for 12 years now. It takes after Tournament of Roses in its floriferous blooming habit and has yellow colors coming into it from Lady Jane Grey.

Vigorous, some fragrance, good disease resistance. Holds up to heat like Tournament of Roses. Sets seeds and has viable pollen. Hardwood cuttings root easily.

Using Tournament of Roses adds a lot to a cross!

Beautiful John!

Agreed! It’s a beautiful plant, John.

Hi John, I have been on holiday’s for six weeks and am just catching up on posts. This one is a fantastic looking plant.

[attachment=0]13A-13.3.gif[/attachment]Hi David,

I should have waited a couple days before taking the photo. It had twice as many blooms later!

Here’s another new non-fading yellow cross that has a 5-1/2" yellow high-centered blooms in the spring. The mid-summer blooms hold their color but don’t last as long as the spring blooms. It’s been hot this summer, from 95 - 99 degrees. Disease and mildew resistant. Good fragrance. Wintered over in the ground for one year. Off to a vigorous start this year. Radiant Perfume GR, 2005 Zary X 10G-06 Jelinek Cl Reach for the Skies, unregistered. It has Apricot Cream in its background.

Lovely, John. With that background, I’d expect it to climb in a longer, milder climate.

Another good one John, well done, as you know I am a softy for yellow and close yellows.