Summer budding

I had budded

Hi Terry

What are you using as root stock?

Hello Margit,

I had used some of my reject seedlings as root stock … those rejects can come in handy at times!

Paul Barden gave me some cuttings of Multiflora that I used for budding for the first time two days ago. My left hand can tell you I did a great job sharpening my budding knife.


Thanks for posting that you are having success with this method in your zone. I had never tried that style of grafting before this last year. Works better for me in zone 9! I guess I will be trying it in the Spring in Zone 5b also!

Jeff, I had used a rather dull blade to remove and prepare the eyes, it’s the only thing I had on hand, so I’m surprised by the success … I guess the condition and prep of the rootstock is of the more vital importance.

Andrew, yes, it’s a great way to get quick results and have rather established plants in their first season, even when faced with short summers.