STW-1, by Ralph Moore

This year, Ralph Moore has released a limited number of plants of his breeding plant, STW-1 into commerce, specifically for use by hybridizers. It is listed as a Hybrid Musk, as it is a cross of ‘Soeur Therese’ and ‘Wilhelm’ (aka ‘Skyrocket’). It is a large shrub about 5 X 5 feet, with medium red, semi-double blooms. The plant is very disease resistant, and Ralph tells me the offspring often inhereit excellent disease resistance. It is fully remontant, and serves as either seed or pollen parent. Ralph believes this cultivar has great value as a breeding variety. I have seen some of its offspring that are in testing, and they are truly spectacular.

If anyone is interested in acquiring STW-1 for breeding, it can be obtained from The Uncommon Rose:





Could you please give us the names of some of its offspring?



Known offspring includes: Candy Cane, Mona Ruth, Scarlet Ribbon, Little Curt, and MORcrest (a breeding variety from Crested Jewel X STW-1).

Ralph has only recently returned to STW-1 for breeding, and there are a number of its offspring in testing now, none of which are named.



STW-1 is also in the background of Redhead. I like big healthy shrubs, so I’ve placed my order…