I’ve had the luxury of doing my share of hybridizing the last few seasons. Consequently I have more than I can carry forward.

I’ve already distributed some of it but I will have more to share as time progresses.

In most cases I will select one or two seedlings from each cross to carry forward and offer the rest to those interested for the cost of postage, gas and materials.

Some are mainstream crosses and some involve species for both cold and mild climates. Some are once blooming and some I don’t have the space to evaluate properly.

I ask is that you give me credit for the original cross should you carry them forward. Let me know what you’re interested in breeding for and I can give you some options and some of my guesses as to fertility.

Feel free to contact me privately.

I’ve already discarded some of my stuff, but knowing others might be interested, I hate to throw it all out. I’ve got to make room for next years seedlings.


I can’t get the email link to work, but am very interested - if you could contact me, I’d greatly appreciate it!


Looks like the email function’s been turned off. I need to make room for seedlings too but I’m always keen to have new Stuff! Please keep me in mind!


You need to have cookies enabled in your browser to use the email function. See this post:


My you all are so generous people, I wish I had more experience, I’d be happy to share right back. Robert, I’m quite interested, the email function keeps telling me they shut it off due to spam though, so please contact me at I’m pretty much interested in disease resistance for the most part, rebloom isn’t necessary. Tell me what you got.

Will do Max. I’ve had some takers already but I’m sure we can find something to send your way. Robert