Stewed seeds, will they germinate

Hi all,

I finally managed to obtain some seed from a zone 2 selection of R. blanda, they arrived yesterday, and I placed them in some water to soak.

I was concerned that my young son may get at them so I hid the container in my incubator, I figured the gentle heat (40

I’ve left seeds in a plastic bag in the sun for an hour or so by accident. Probably the temp inside the bag was much higher than that, but I got no germination from those batches. I hope yours do better.

If the high temperature was only 90 degrees my guess is they will germinate.

I just noted you said 90 CENTIGRADE. Sorry! I detract my statement.

Nope, unlikely those will germinate now, sorry :frowning:


My condolences.

Jim Sproul

Ooo, I didn’t notice the centigrade either! Not good :frowning:

TOO TOO HOT … Will not

Just a slight hope (really stretching here):

I make jelly from muscadine grapes and that’s made by boiling (!) muscadine grapes to extract the juice.

So I have a lot of muscadine seeds left over. They get dumped and ten or twelve each year will germinate and make grape vines (with no apparent damage).

That is ten or twelve out of thousands, at least of the ones that the critters don’t get, but they were cooked- worse than your seeds.

What about seeds that get dried out?

Depends on how dried out. If they’re very dry, in my experience not likely but some may. I wouldn’t give up hope completely.

Hmm, they’re usually like cats knocked over the HP soaking solution in the night and I didn’t notice till late the next day dried out. I suppose it’s worth a try.

I would certainly try them. I have ordered rose seeds from Chiltern and had good success. The showed up in little paper envelopes and were pretty dried out. They were species roses though so perhaps that makes a difference. I soaked them in water before stratification.

I have no idea if they do something to the seeds to prepare them for being dried out.