What’s the best material to use for staking a lanky seedling? I’ve got 3 climbers-to-be that would be about 6 inches tall… IF they were able to support their own weight.

I tried those bamboo food skewers once in a previous failed attempt, and everything died. I then read somewhere that those are a big no-no. Does anyone have a successful suggestion?

I’ve successfully used plastic silverware as well as plastic chop sticks. Plastic doesn’t harbor bacteria nor fungi and they last forever, as well as being cheap (my favorite kind!). Plastic also doesn’t transmit heat, preventing thinner wood from cooking in high heat and hotter sun. Kim

I don’t see any reason why the bamboo skewers would cause a problem. They are regularly used for Arabidopsis, which is a rather delicate weed. If worried, you could wash them first by soaking a day or so in a bucket of water. They are meant for food fit for human consumption. They are sure cheap. Of course Kim is right that plastic will last somewhat longer in sun and is fungus resistant.

Thanks, Kim! The plastic silverware is a great idea! Even better, the plastic chopsticks, if I can find them.

Larry, I don’t remember where I read it (“half-heimers”), but apparently those skewers are treated with something that causes mold…

When UV breaks down the bamboo and the coating, the cellulose becomes vulnervale to decomposing molds.

Oh, that makes sense! Thank you!

Ive never found it detrimental. Its usually charcoal black, irregular shapes that dont really harm the roses. The bad part of them is that they age, then break, too fast.