I know this doesn’t actually have anything to do with actually hybridizing, but…

I have a rose plant in a 5 gallon container and mulitple times a day, squirrels come in and dig holes in the dirt. How do I stop them?

Someone at a gardening store told me to set moth balls in the dirt, but that didn’t work.

Any ideas?



Itty bitty land mines.

I have the same problem with 2 roses I have out in front. Anything I put in there to keep them out, they either work around or move out. I gave up and just add a little potting mix every once in a while. They have yet to hurt my roses.

There was a time when I thought squirrels were cute. In reality they can be a little menace.

My brother has a oak tree in his front yard. Looks like a war zone in his front yard with little holes everywhere.

I’d try fox urine powder if it’s available… it’s been useful here in deterring animals like squirrels, chipmunks, mice and woodchucks (and it should be just as effective against rabbits where those are a problem). As an added bonus, it attracts live foxes, thus having somewhat of a systemic effect as well by attacking the source of the problem.


Try some old plastic lemonade bottles filled with water

lying on there sides . dont ask me how his works . it just does .

The squirrels skip my place. I think my dog keeps them away. My issue is birds. Especially the stellar jays and crows. Theyre theives (rose hips, tags) and when they are not stealing they are off depositing hazel nuts every where possible. But I dont think it is possible to ward them off. I also think it would be pointless to ward of squirrels where they are not threatened.

My best suggestion is to set stones in the pot. Stones dont hurt the plant or the pot and add as an “artificial” mulch. Just keep a little space between the stones and the bud union so it can grow.

Or, you could put a layer of chicken wire (leaving some space directly around the base of the plant, of course) on top of the soil, and put mulch or something on top so it isn’t visible.