Sports of Sports

In 1998, I noted that the mini, Chelsea Belle, had sported from a medium red to a light pink. I propagated several plants and when they had remained true for two years, I registered this sport as

Rosemary’s Dream (lp mini) in 2000.

I have been continuing to take cuttings from these plants, and two years ago three of these cuttings bloomed apricot blend. I watched them through last year and they also remained true to the apricot color. I have propagated cuttings from these plants and am awaiting spring bloom to see if the cuttings are true to the apricot color.

My question is: Is a sport sporting a common or unusual recurrence?

The tendency to sport seems to run in some families. One of the most famously sport-prone families is that descended from Ophelia. Chelsea Belle, if parentages given are correct all the way back, has Ophelia as a great-great-grandparent through Azure Sea, the seed parent of Chelsea Belle. Ophelia is a great-grandparent of Azure Sea.

Thank you Peter - I will definitely keep that information in my hybridizing file.

I also have registered a sport of the floribunda Sweet Inspiration (mp) which is white with a pink rim (similar to the HT Secret) which I have named My Inspiration.

I appreciate your prompt response to my question.

Rosemary Sawyer