Hello! This is how one branch blooms on Abraham Darby. Does it make sense to try to keep it? By cuttings or grafting?

It may make sense to propagate it–color sports are frequently enjoyed by rose growers, after all. Its parent ‘Aloha’ produced a lighter sport called Dixieland Linda or Lady Ashe (‘Beadix’). Depending on the extent of the sported tissue, you might be able to do that in one move with cuttings, or it may be budded if the abnormal tissue is found on only a small part of the plant and you’re fairly sure which buds would produce only the alternate flower color. You could also take a cutting now, and then as it grows and entire new branches prove to be one color or the other, propagate once or twice more to further isolate the desirable portion.


It would be great if you can get it to grow, either way. It would be a desirable rose.
If successful you can keep comparing it to the parent plant for a bit to be certain.
Good luck!

Many thanks! I will try to root and graft.

‘Betsy Taaffe’ and ‘Jean Galbraith’ might enjoy a new playmate. Mixing color variants of otherwise similar plants can give pleasing effects in the border or garden.

Congratulations! I hope you are successful in propagating the sport.