Split Calyx

I’m finding a number of these this season. Anyone have experience with these? Do the seed mature normally? Normal germination? It seems the seed might dry out prematurely.

Wow, that one got greedy and filled itself up too full! Looks like a lot of seeds. I have had smaller splits do okay and perhaps this one will work. I suspect that the exposed ones will behave like exogenous seeds and may have a poorer germination rate. Hopefully most of them will make it.

Jim Sproul

Thanks Jim. That’s what I figured. You know we get warm here. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and get these chilling as soon as I’m sure they are mature.

The pollen parent is a mini. He’s a super stud!

Lagerfeld always does that on me without fail. They germinate fine, but Im in Oregon so…

Cologne does this on me. I have a seedling of it with Constance Spry that’s growing nicely, and it was from a hip that was split (though, not as bad as yours) with the outies. They did fine.

Thanks for the input. I’ll process the seed as usual and hope for the best.

I’d guess weather is responsible. Maybe swab it with hydrogen peroxide where it split? Does the splitting make the hip more vulnerable to stuff moving in?

Apparently I am getting too good at applying pollen.

This hip not only split, it completely folded back and it’s practically flat and studded with seed.

The original hip I posted has now split down the middle.

Link: i57.photobucket.com/albums/g227/PSroseguy/GSXBLtoofull5-13-07.jpg

I found this a lot when I used Lynnie on Gingersnap two years ago. I had other pollen parents on Gingersnap at the same time and had no split calyx on them.



Jim Sproul

You very nearly hit the nail on the head Patrick. This is Gingersnap x Basye’s Legacy.

Some of the other crosses onto Gingersnap did split but nothing to this degree.

Did you get anything out of Gingersnap x Lynnie? That’s one I would be likely to try.

I keep trying to get yellow out of one of my Legacy descendants but so far I’ve had no luck.

Thanks, Robert

Robert, I don’t recall. I was going for disease resistance and didn’t have much room to keep many so I got rid of all of them as there was not any worthy to keep for disease resistance. I do recall some Darlow’s Enigma X Lynnie being light yellow but not many. I moved last year and have a lot more room now so if I was to do that cross again I could keep more. I would bet there were some yellows and oranges from that cross.