Spinosissima seedling

This seedling from Doorenbos Selection germinated last year - had one tiny bloom. It has just popped into bloom in the last day or two here in central GA.

Very nice! Do the Spins bloom very well for you in GA? I’ve tried one of two in MS and they didn’t want to bloom at all.


Doorenbos Selection has been reliable. All the others are relatively young - still getting established - but all bloomed last year.

Being from northern Wisconsin, the Spins grow like weeds here. However, given their need for a period of cold dormancy, I know that is generally not the case in some of the warmer zones. But, about 15 years ago I was in Texas during the spring bloom and visited the home of someone in Houston who had a Doorenbos Selection in full bloom. She told me it was the only Spin she had been able to grow successfully. It really is a nice little rose–especially given the tendency for many of the Spins to become monsters. DS stayed quite compact for me. It was fully hardy and typically Spin in appearance–just compact. Given it’s ability to grow in the warmer zones it would be fun to know who the parents might have been.