Species seeds or plants?

Hello Folks,

Was wondering if anyone has knowledge of a good supplier for rose species seedlings. Specifically, Hulthemia persica

Hi Wade, I’ll save you some time with this one. After an extensive search we eventually received persica through a private European source. Alex Cocker was extremely unhelpful and seems to want to prevent dissemination of persica propagation materials for some reason.

I wish I could offer you propagation materials but there just isn’t enough to share as yet. Perhaps you will get a response from the party that was so kind to answer a similar inquiry of mine several months ago. We received wood that was with some difficulty successfully budded here in the states. We’re working on getting some OP seedlings generated so hope springs eternal. This is a difficult species to bud. I’ll make a post once, when and if we get enough propagated to share. We do plan on making it available to other breeders. Thanks, Robert

Thank You Robert,

It is my hope you will keep me in mind. I would be interested in whatever you would be willing to share. Additionally, I wonder if there would be any significance to propagating by test tube culture?


I list 2 commercial suppliers of species rose seeds on the following link:


Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/rosehybridizinglinks.htm

Im only half on track with my question but I think it is important. Does anyone know when or if ‘Tiggles’ will be introduced? If so, who would be the introducer in the US?

I bought from Sequia ‘Tigris’ a few months ago, but it won’t come until next spring. As for Alex Cocker-- aren’t we all like that? We don’t really want to share until we have had an unfair advantage? I too have “top secret roses” and want to keep it that way for a little while longer. We all are a bit greedy, but I’m sure Alex Cocker will eventually release something. I’m waiting for Tiggles too for several years already. Seems fascinating.