speaking of breeding with Hybrid Rugosas

It may be of some interest to those working with Hybrid Rugosas that Ralph Moore’s new ‘Keith’s Delight’ is very seed fertile. It is a cross of “1-72-1” (sibling of ‘Rise ‘N’ Shine’) and ‘Rugelda’. ‘Keith’s Delight’ is not very Rugosa like, but it is derivative and has yellow in it. It is also very nearly thornless.



Thanks Paul, sounds like a good candidate to cross with Rugelda X R-15 or its seedlings. By the way, has anyone who received cuttings or open pollinated seeds of Rugelda X R-15 have anything to report?

Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/RugeldaXR-15%20seedling.htm


I expect we will find that ‘Keith’s Delight’ is a tetrapoid, since ‘Rugelda’ is believed to be 4X and “1-72-1” has been proven (Zlesak) to be 4X also.



The cuttings failed rapidly whereas my others did not.

Oh… does Keith’s Delight get blackspot. Rugelda and Rise n Shine get bs pretty badly here.

I don’t know.

I received an e-mail that all of the (Rugelda X R-15) open pollinated seeds that I sent one hybridizer were empty. It appears that the pollen is the way to go to the next level. I can send bud wood now if anyone is interested. I say budwood because no one has been successful in starting cuttings (that I know of).

I wish they worked Henry. In positive news, the R. acic x R-15s look beautiful (plant wise) now. Maybe not rugosa but no disease (they quickly grew out of their first year mildew) and the foliage is aesthetic so who knows :slight_smile: lets hope for blooms next year.

None of my (tetraploid ? acicularis) X R-15 have bloomed yet either.

Waiting, one of the frustrations of rose hybridizing; but I guess it would not be as interesting if it was easy.

I agree Henry. This “hobby” takes the patience of a demi-god lol.

I hope they bloom next year. Im still not sure what to try them with though. I thought about Easy Going, Remember Me, Belle Epoque, Livin’ Easy or Golden Bouquet since they all set seed easily. Id prefer Baby Love but its a pain to work with.