speaker on breeding

We are looking for someone that would be willing to come to Olds College (1 hour north of Calgary Alberta) and talk to our Applied Degree Biotechnology class about breeding roses. Class runs from now until mid- April.

If you cannot find a speaker, perhaps this will substitute:


Link: www.abrigon.com/Rose%20Hybridizing%20Presentation%20Final_files/frame.htm#slide0001.htm

You should first try Paul Olsen. He is a very experienced rose breeder from Edmonton AB

It would be hard to cover rose breeding in one class. Do the students have any experience with mendelian genetics? Where to start is the most important as not to loose them.

I was a student as Olds until my schizoeffective disorder hit me badly during second year but I do have 300 level in genetics from the UofA. I would put myself forward but I only have a PHC from UofM

If you like I could send you pictures of the roses I have bred.

John B. Pinchbeck

Thanks to all who responded to my request.

We have a speaker.