Spare plant of 'Immensee'

I have a spare plant of ‘Immensee’ that needs a home. It’s dormant now and ready to post so if anyone in Australia would like it PM me. Conditions are you send me a self-addressed, pre-paid plastic postpak and I pack it and send it back to you bare root and cut back to fit the A4 postpak.

Plant has found a home…

At this point I’ll also put out expressions of interest in a new species I have called Rosa transmorrisonensis. I have a pot full of about 15-20 cuttings and most seem to have worked. I figure by spring I’ll have quite a few spare plants. If anyone is interested in playing with it let me know and I’ll send you one when they are ready. I see it working in a similar way to wichurana.

R. trans. seems to be like Cinnamonae bridge between Synsytlae and Cinnamonae, at least based on appearance. For example, Rosa rubiginosa is kind of like the Cinnamonae bridge between Caninae and Cinnamonae. In that grain, perhaps R. trans. is better at keeping some colors better than R. wich. does.

Simon, what type of work have you done with this fantastic diploid (Grouse Immensee)?

I have one seedling from Grouse Immensee X OP seed that David Z kindly sent me in Dec 2011 [thx again, David :0) ] …those OP seeds germinated like weeds smack in the middle of summer, and the resulting seedlings were never bothered by the summer conditions, just ket powering on and on in that warmth… I kept one, it must be 6 months old now, I’ll post pix of it here as soon as I can, it has already been in the ground @ my mom’s place for many months, still has kept its green foliage now in the dead of winter as well (note: we have very warm winters mind… 8 Celsius-16 Celsius).

I’ve only just started playing with this rose last season… it’s been here a few years but I’ve only just started playing with it now that I have reassessed things and decided on a particular path to follow with particular goals. I really want to make striped groundcover roses that aren’t sports and I’m looking at trying my hand at dark purple groundcovers… so I’ve been putting stripes and purples on it. I see it as a good way to get other species into the mix as well because it is basically a mini so I’ve got seed from it with setigera, bracteata, and sinowilsonii as well. I’ve basically got a handful of wich roses that I’ve been using as studs and this is one of them. FCW is a fail around here so I thought I’d try putting it back to Immensee to see if diluting the Margaret Merril might help rectify some of the issues. That took as well. Most of the effort has gone into my ‘Bullseye’, FCP, Borderer, Temple Bells, wichurana itself, OP 0-47-19, Immensee and my own Thinleaf. There is a wonderful looking Pulsen rose called Red Bells (not available here that I know of), that is one a red mini x Temple Bells. I’ve done a few crosses with minis as well to see if something like ‘Red Bells’ can be made here in Australia.

Oh cool!

Those ideas sound very reasonable indeed, I can see the striped and dark purple groundcovers causing an interest, I have not ever seen any of such CV in the nurseries round here. I think Grouse will be a very smart way to start off some species as you mention as well.

FCW is a fail around here

Really… in what way(s)?

Every way… spot, mildew, balling, less than average fertility, thorny, shattering… It’s just not one of my favourite roses… I’m fussy.

Just so you know… ‘Immensee’ is not a very impressive looking plant either… it just seems to make nice babies lol

I agree it’s certainly not the best of the FC series roses.

I did FCW x Eyes For You just on a whim, and I got a few hips, each hip contained one seed inside (no surprise…actually most OP out of FCW have one or rarely 2 seeds in ‘em). Not too excited about that cross…but still…nothin’ ventured nothin’ gained, so whateverrrr…