Source for Red LEDs

Our local “Ollie’s Bargain Outlet” store has 2 15 inch strips of red LEDs For $7.98 and 2 10 inch strips for 4.98. I have installed a number of them in my germination refrigerators. They appear to be brighter than the Radio Shack “super bright” red LEDs that I was previously using. They are very convenient to install as they come with an adhesive on the back of the strip.

The company that manufactured them is “Electra” ( ). The product is called “LED FLEX STRIPS”.

They require a 12 volt DC power supply as they were desighned for automotive “decoration” type use. Whenever I discard an electric appliance that uses a plug in power converter (house voltage to low voltage DC), I keep the power converter. So fortunately I had several that had 12 volt DC output.

I now germinate my seeds in two 1.7 cubic feet refrigerators of the “thermoelectric” type. I have 1 Avanti model EC15W-2 (purchased at K-Mart, see for a description) and 1 Galaxy model 183.91772 (purchased at Sears, the Sears one is supposedly a new model that is not listed on their web site). The 2 are very similar. The Sears model appears to be made by the same company as the Avanti. The Sears appears to have a slightly improved design compared to the Avanti.


I was searching what I need for growing seedlings with LED-light. LED-light will become a teqnique which will be used a lot in the future. Maybe people considering change their source and maybe this gives you some information about it.

I hope it contributes something on the board.