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From Arrowhead Alpines online catalog:

"Rosa sp. very dwarf ex Jacques

Actually, I gave this to Jacques originally but was forced to beg back a piece years later after the bunnies grazed mine into oblivion. (They apparently even ate the tag since neither Jacques nor I seem to have a name anymore; no matter, even nameless this is a gem, forming a spiny cushion a few inches across and bearing multitudes of single pink roses. by far the dwarfest rose I have ever seen."

I made the mistake about reading about some of the willow descriptions lol…

Cute. It reminds me of the micro I used to grow called “HI”.

My ‘Petite Perle d’or’ is tiny like this but the tiniest rose I ever hybridized and subsequently lost is here.

It’s hard to explain how tiny it was but look at the Penny for comparison.

I hated losing it. I might repeat the cross for fun.


Pierre, very interesting. I have wondered if using such dwarf varieties might be useful in producing Bonsai type specimens. I have a somewhat dwarf variety that I am going to try to train as a Bonsai. It has a very short distance between nodes and good branching. Though it might not interest very many people, I think that developing varieties for Bonsai might be worthwhile.

Jim Sproul