Someone has the American Rose Annual from 1931?


Kind regards. I’m researching about rose breeding history in Brazil, and I purchased an old book from 1940 about a breeder biography (Joaquim Fontes, Brazilian, died in 1918). In that book was mentioned a article published in the American Rose Annual from 1931, the author name is Eudoro Ramos Costa and It is about brazilian roses. He published another article in “Les amis des Roses”. Journal de la Société Française de Rosiéristes n 148 may 1931. And exist some aditional material “le plus belles roses du début du XXe siècle” page 75 from the Franch National Association of Hoticulture. If you have one of this documents and if is possible to help me, I would like to ask a digital copy of your document.

Rodrigo Mendes


Oh my Lord! Thank you so much!

No problem! Sorry that I couldn’t help you with the French ones.


I don’t know where you live, but if you live in the state of SP, you may be able to find a good bit of information re. Roselandia which used to be in Cotia. Unfortunately that firm seems to have gone out of business and its buildings apparently were destroyed in 2014. I don’t know whether some other company purchased their stock, or whether everything was destroyed. The Boettcher brothers either hybridized roses themselves or had an employee to do it for them. I was fortunate to visit their nursery and eat in their on-site restaurant in July 1978, and I have pictures from that time, and a copy of the catalog from that year.

For some years the firm tried to sell roses via the internet, but probably there were not enough customers. Just looking on the internet now, I found some links, but the link for Roselandia did not work for me. One article mentions the names of some of the roses originated and introduced by Roselandia.

Hi Mr Harris,

I live in the state of Parana, is close to SP. It is a sad history, I heared about the Roselandia, They did have so good roses for rose breeding! Many famous and warded roses. The only two Austins (Graham Thomas and Abraham Darby) available in Brazil were there. I never visited They because when I discovered them I was living too far and I was too young, in that time I ordered a catalog from 1994, I will keep this forever. I just read and read more about them, waiting my adult age, own space and money. So, in the last year I truely planned my first crosses and I was prepared to order my first Roselandia roses. I was feeling their breaking, but I didn’t believe when They close the nursery just when I was prepared. In december 2015 I made a phone call, in that time They are open, in the next month, January 2016, They are closed, and all my dreams were falling in parts. But I didn’t give up. I found a company named Gartencenter Ursula with such a good, very disease resistent and beautiful kordes roses, I ordered almost all kinds. In this week I found another place with some roses selled in Roselandia (New Dawn, Queen Elizabeth, Dortmund). Maybe It wasn’t suppose to be. I would like to became a profesisonal rosarian, opening a nursery, but the Roselandia case scare me to death. They was open for more then 80 years!
Mr Harris, thak you for sharing your memories. Kind regards.

Rodrigo Mendes


I’ve visited Curitiba and other places in Parana, so I know where Parana is.

You might ask around for cuttings of the Roselandia-originated roses such as Cacilda Becker and Carmen Miranda. On a good day I could remember a few more names, but you probably have them in your catalog from 1996, so look there for the names and ask around. Good luck.