some seedling pics....

I’m starting to take a few photos of some of my more interesting seedlings. The first batch that I have taken are mostly of some older seedlings, but there are 2 from this year’s crop that I have included as well.

The Paintbrush x John Cabot seedling and the Outta the Blue x Baby Love seedling are both from last year’s pollinations. I’m excited about several mini mosses that I have from last year’s pollinations that involve Explorers. I’ll try to get those uploaded, too.

There are a number of Alberta x John Cabot seedlings from 2008 pollinations. This cross really gave me quite a range of nice plants with loads of vigor. There is a red one that is really nice and is a good seed parent. Some of these have some serious black spot issues, so they may get pitched. I’m checking the group of them this year to see if they are a decent seed parent using Baby Love. Those that are might be spared.

The most established roses are the Home Run seedlings. They have really come into their own. I have a few more HR seedlings of a similar vintage that I will post when I can.



Lovely pics. Thanks!!

Thanks Liz, lovely pics.


It’s always nice to see the outcomes of particular crosses. I especially like the Paintbrush x John Cabot seedling.

Very pretty seedlings Liz. I especially like the moss mini too.

Jim Sproul

Very nice. Morden sunrise x Home run and Outta the Blue x Baby Love have a really nice golden glow to them which I like in those colors. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks everyone… I always enjoy looking at everyone’s seedling pictures. I have to admit that A3, the Morden Sunrise x Home Run, is probably my favorite right now. BUT, the mini, moss, Kordesiis are a close second.

I have added a few more to the site and will keep adding to it over the next month or so.