Some questions about European roses trials gardens

Hello everyone, can anyone from Europe help introduce the trial gardens in Europe? I heard that if you want to participate in the rose competition, you can send your own cultivated roses to the trial garden. I would like to know if there are any trial gardens that can accept roses cultivated by our Chinese breeders, and how many roses need to be sent when sending them. Are there any mandatory requirements for the varieties we cultivate, such as disclosing the parents, and then the price, whether it is charged annually or a one-time fee based on quantity. Finally, if you want to participate in the competition after passing the test in the trial garden, how should you register?

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Below you will find some listed rose trial gardens located in Europe with several additional contact details for your questions in demand. Pls see for that the link subordinated:

      Döblhoffpark Baden, Wien, Austria 
      Rosarium West Vlaanderen, Kortrijk, Belgium 
      Parc de Bagatelle, Paris, France 
      Parc de la Tête d'Or, Lyon, France 
      Beutigpark, Baden-Baden, Germany 
      Roseto Comunale, Rome, Italy 
      Il Roseto Niso Fumagalli, Monza, Italy 
      Westbroekpark, The Hague, Netherlands 
      Rosaleda de Madrid, Parque del Oeste, Madrid, Spain 
      Warsawrosetrials, Warsaw, Poland

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Hi Chio,
I found this, but it may be out of date:

"China Rose Society

c/o Beijing Botanic Garden Wofosi Road, Xiangshan Beijing 10093 Peoples Republic of China Tel: +86 10 62591283 Fax: +86 10 82596707 Email: Mr. Zhao Shiwei - Secretary General

A major centre for research and the development of new rose varieties has been set up in the suburbs of Beijing. In addition, five other centres have been set up around the country.
Together they form a national system to assist with the registration and identification of roses and with new Chinese varieties entering the world market."

If you can contact them they may be able to help.
I’m sorry if my post doesn’t really answer your question but I hope you will find the path forward!

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Hi Chio:

Good questions. Generally all rose trials are open to anyone wishing to enter. I would think quarantine would be the only limit. The number of roses vary per trial, but normally 4-5 roses of each variety, less if a climber. There is usually a one-time fee per rose. All trials are different so email the contact person listed on the World Federation of Rose Societies website as noted in a previous response. When the results are named, it is a day for International Judges to come together and judge the roses for that day. Many of the hybridizers also participate in this almost party like celebration. Most trials are open to anyone who wants to judge. Each garden has a permanent jury that evaluates the roses throughout the year.

My wife and I travel all over the world to participate in these trials and we love doing so.

Steve Jones
Past President WFRS


Hi Roseus.Thank you for your reply!

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Hi Jones:
Thank you very much for your reply,After listening to your description, I also really want to attend this party. However, I have only been in breeding for three years and haven’t had enough self bred roses to satisfy me yet. However, I believe that as long as my passion persists, I hope that in the next few or more years, I can also have my hybrid roses participate in such international rose competitions. I really like and respect David Austin, and I hope to continue his style.


Hi Chio! Of course with pleasure. I do hope that you will reach your goals soonest possible.

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Hi Chio,

We are introducing varieties from 3 Chinese breeders in rose trials. Mostly in Nyon (Switzerland) and Monaco.

Past years, the Chinese varieties presented have received a couple of sliver and bronze medals.

Sending your varieties directly from China to Europe (don’t even mention US, Australia or Japan as quarantine is incredibly complex and costly) will not be the best way to do as you don’t have any data of the variety in Europe soil and climat. That’s why we are doing a pre selection in our fields (South of France, North Germany, Netherland, South Spain) to make sure that the variety is good to go. We do the same with our breeder’s friend from US (Hi Bill, Hi Jim, Hi David :wink: ) Japan, New Zeleand… ect.

For China we are testing varieties from Yang Yuedji, Tianlang, Yunnan Academy of Agriculture, Beijing Landscape Academy, Yu Hongqiang :wink:

I’ll be in China soon, I’ll be delighted to check your breeding and discuss your trial system.


Yes I confirm that Zhao Shiwei is the person to contact in China for all Chinese Rose Society matters, they are building a trial system like AARS and ADR (several gardens around China)


Hello, Matthias.I’m glad you could reply. Yes, I know that a Chinese breeder has won awards before because he is my friend and the head of the breeding team at the Tianlang. I am very happy that you will come to China. There are actually many unknown individuals breeder in China, and their works are not sold to the public because many of them do not have enough land funds to conduct formal and strict testing, nor do they have channels to test and market. I believe that if you can come to China, This will be a very good thing for Chinese roses. At the same time, I personally like some of the rose varieties cultivated by your company, and I also hope that your rose breeding career can become better and better.

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Hi Chio,

The 1st Chinese breeder to be awarded outside of China is Wang Bangjie in 2021 in Nyon (no pesticide, no fungicide, 2 years). The 1st plants arrived in 2017-2018 in France prior to test. I think you know him ?

If you talking about Chris (Sorry, I don’t have his Chinese name) that was trained for breeding at Yang Yuedji and that now is heading the breeding at Tianlang, so we have a common friend :wink: He had a crash course breeding/selection during one week at our facilities in Europe and since we work with Yang Yuedji since 1999, we saw him emerging a couple of years ago :wink:

“Their works are not sold to the public because many of them do not have enough land funds to conduct formal and strict testing” : About this, it’s not the lack of fund as trials doesn’t cost that much, but it is the bad jurisprudence about Plant Breeders Rights in China. Most of our friends breeders in China prefer to have their varieties commercial outside of China because of illegal propagation and no control on Tao Bao and other plateform. This is a subject that we are working hard on since 1998 when the law was set up in China.

We are pushing the Chinese Rose Society to make a rose trial in China (at least 7 sites), I’m sure it will be done in a couple of years, I hope you will participate.

“I also hope that your rose breeding career can become better and better.”
Thank you for your kind words :wink: but topping our 5 Hall of Fame (Peace, Papa Meilland, Bonica, Pierre de Ronsard, Cocktail), introducing such varieties as Black Baccara, Baby Romantica, Yves Piaget, Cherry Bonica, Zepeti the past 80 years should be the proof of what breeders can do without closing himself into one line or type of rose :wink:

See you soon in China and don’t hesitate to contact me if you want your varieties to be tested in Europe :wink: it’s free and safe as we don’t use it in our breeding or to commercialize without prior agreement :wink:

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Yes, Wang Bangjie is my friend.
It is indeed difficult to solve the copyright issue of plants in China, as there are many low-priced and pirated seedling merchants on Taobao. At present, it is difficult to solve the current situation without the cooperation of the country.
Some of Chinese breeder friends have a WeChat group. I just told them in the WeChat group that there will be some trials in China in the coming years, and everyone feels very happy.
If I have enough excellent works, I will contact you, but so far, I feel that my works have not been enough to satisfy me completely.
Thank you very much for your reply and help

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Thanks Chio,

Feel free to do so, and if I can I’d love to talk on the Chinese breeder friends WeChat group :wink:


Lottum Rose Museum has a trial garden also. I visited a few months back and there where a few nice roses growing.