Some pics of recent blooms.

This is a first bloom. It sure looks like a miniature. Perhaps something from ‘My Sunshine’ x Hot Cocoa seedling or Pennies from Heaven. I dunno, it came up in my miscellaneous pot.

Carefree Beauty seedling. I like singles…

Recent bloom on one of last years Hot Cocoa seedlings.

I know I keep showing this, the KO x OK seedling. I really like it.

Neat stuff Jon! I especially liked the second and third.

So is the carefree beauty seedling is that mauve or pink?

I just want to say that I enjoy looking at everyone else’s rose pictures. I may not comment on all of them, but I enjoy them all.

Adam that CB seedling is one of the more vigorous of the bunch with larger foliage. It’s a shiny, UV florescent white with a hint of pink. I do have two other CB seedlings that lean towards muave- I’ve tried some exploratory crosses of them with Rhapsody in Blue this year. We will see how that goes…

Well it is good to now I might get mauves working with CB.

I’m not crazy about singles but I really like the color on the one you have there. Very nice seedlings Jon.

Today I had a first bloom from another straggler in my miscellaneous pot. She’s super strong fragrant- I suspect something from Chinatown.