some new roses I can't find information on

I was at Menards lately and they have a group of shrub/landscape roses that I haven’t heard of and am having a hard time finding information on. Has anyone heard of Crystal Magic or Creme Brulee? Wow, they look really nice. I bought the Crystal Magic. It has a blush white nicely formed small flower. The CBru is a soft yellow with larger flowers. THey were forced in gallon pots. THere wasn’t any patent information on them or code name. They were very healthy. Neighboring Iceberg and other roses had blackspot. They all seemed to have come in from the same shipment.

I think it’s a little discouraging that sometimes large nursery marketers it seems are not connected with us rose lovers and might not register their roses with ARS. I would love to learn the story of these roses. THere were a couple more that looked good, but I forgot their names now.



I purchased Creme Brulee last summer at about this time. It did not survive the winter.

Yeah, “pet names” are getting absurd. I think it’s one of the negative side effects of a diverse yet capitalistic culture lol.

I found my old tag for Creme Brulee. It appears to be a Tantau rose with the registration name “Tansch”. I could not find any more information.


A couple years ago I purchased two roses from Menards called Chateau Merlot and Glacier Magic. I couldn’t find information on them anywhere. By chance I stumbled onto the Monrovia website and there they were. They like Creme Brulee are roses from Tantau. I checked the Monrovia website and they have information on Creme Brulee but not Crystal Magic. Here is the link to their website.



David, any chance you might have misremembered the name on Crystal Magic? Monrovia does have Glacier Magic. See link below. And you might check this link to see whether it reminds you of the others you saw:


Thank you Peter, Yes, it is Glacier Magic. Thank you. Thanks everyone. It’s nice to know these roses are from Tantau. That’s too bad that Creme Brulee didn’t make it through the winter. That encourages me that there still is alot of work left to develop cold hardy warm colored roses.


lol it’s the Aspirin rose, which seems highly popular in my newer European rose books.