Solitaire seedling

Here is Solitaire x Touch of Class. I found it on my family’s camera (mine died).

This was the first bloom from the batch. I remember because you can tell I pulled some of the outer petals off. I do this to inspect them up close. This is part of the pink/white line I wanted to develop because I dont think there are any good garden roses in that that bi-color range. Im hoping to end up with something like: (Daybreaker x Sheer Elegance) x (Solitaire x Touch of Class)

Wow, that’s beautiful Jadae. Congratulations.

Jadae, very beautiful bloom. I especially like the warm tones on the reverse. I hope that it was the camera that died and not the rose!!

Jim Sproul

Yeah. My camera died. I was lucky to retrieve this picture on a whim. I was looking through the family digicam and found them. I must have been bored one day and snapped them up. The rose is fine and just as vigorous as it’s parents. It will hit 5-6’ easily.

The reverse is technically a pale yellow. In the summer it appears as true white. It seems to work out well without being a fault since the reverse is not being marred by other colors. For example, I love red/white bicolors but 95% of them seem to blend into the reverse in full sun. Ive always thought that Love was worth looking at because it rarely ever blends even though the red is very light and becomes carmine in full sun.

That is one gorgeous seedling! Superb work. The coloration on the reverse is outstanding. Hope you post another photo in the summer when the reverse is white. The contrast should be spectacular!